Main Street

Dry, overcast, 48 degrees, 14 mph NNE winds.
Man in lumberjack shirt trailing black
labrador unfurls a copy of The Groat.
Swallows dip in thin air. Wind rips
through puddled gutters and turquoise boy
eats jelly crocodile while riding orange bicycle.
Hot Drinks and Cash available at Post Office
and Comfort is half-price.
KS58 OPN Vauxhall Meriva double parks.
Man wearing sunglasses climbs out of monster truck.
Sun breaks for four and a half minutes.
Seagull nicks old chip and crisp packet flits.
Blue Ford Focus makes U turn.
BAR-TEC alarms as pink twins pass by
and pony tails pass by.
Bald man with earring smiles
and boy with green helmet cries.
Rizza’s Ice Cream for sale at The Cross Café.
Hooded crow keens from lamp post.
Wanna-be gangsta rapper with yellow base-ball cap
and sweatpants buys Tennants, drinks the other
side of the street empty. Grey windows reflect fast
low clouds, cold, 24 mph NNE winds, heavy rain forecast

as sparrows search for crumbs.