Beyond the Door

Here are three short poems for Halloween:-


there’s a yellow door in the Tower
at the end of a lonely stair
there’s only the wind
and shadows waiting

Mother said be afraid
be lovely not bold
and do as you’re told
beyond the door
floats an amethyst isle

where Devils dance and lunatics smile
where yearning infants decide the cost
of  all the yesterdays we lost



the World keeps going around
and lights keep going out
dead is dead father said
I am not so sure

he appeared
one doubting winter’s night
as I wept in the dark
he turned on the light
and there was only the wind


shuffling her kaleidoscope
the gypsy whispered
less thinking more feeling

she held the Devil between her teeth
the Star in one fat eye
bled through jewelled fingers
lightning flared her purple
mouth like silk

I wheeled into the light
thinking I feel
therefore I am




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