Another Country

I ponder reflections of reflections,

memories opaque as an ice fern lost

in a misty wasteland.

I wait to unfurl a dawn slate.


Note:- the end words of each line are anagrams,  ‘reflections=ice fern lost’ and ‘wasteland =dawn slate’.


Photographic image created by the author

3 thoughts on “Another Country

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback. I wonder if anagrams in a poem operate on an unconscious level also. The online anagram finder is a useful resource and I find it can help me stretch my language and be more daring.

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      1. My pleasure, Nikita. A good question, my vague answer would be “yes.” I don’t specifically look for devices like assonance and consonance, but I had a feeling that there was some sort of echo there (before I read further). I think that’s sufficiently vague. 😃

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