Whatever Happened to Funny Bunny?

Father sings Russian lullabies as he drives
the coast road, the island like crushed glass.
We pass beneath the kissing trees.
One, two, three, four, here comes bunny for a run.
Five, six, seven, eight, here comes farmer with his gun.
Ready now, nine and ten…

I watch funny bunny burn in the living
room stove. Ember eyes shine and fade.
Synthetic fur shrivels as flames swallow
my beloved black and hollow.
My fist clenches a secret lock and I crunch
Frosties from a Beatrix Potter bowl.

Photographic image created by the author

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    1. Thanks so much for your positive comments Steve. Sorry for the delay in reply. I’m finally out of hospital after a marathon 20 week stay so blogging and poetry are on the back burner while real life requires attention! Hope all is well with you and your wonderful writing.

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