Feel the Burn

city people drift
to the country
set fire
to their shoes

seven geese beneath
the alder tree
deep scars
like zeros

dreaming of the stars
many bonfires
on mars
like heroes

wagon trains grinding
a northern trail
and again

escaping like smoke
funeral pyres
white settlers

scheming of scarlet
heaven on earth
like skin

float up in the dark
broken chimneys
to moss

country people drift
to the city
set fire
to their shoes


Artwork by the author. Acrylic, household paint and collage on canvas.





2 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

  1. A fantastic piece, Nikita. The geese, the bonfires on Mars, scarlet heaven, and so much more. To me, it speaks of invasions, of destruction, our history on this planet, and I find myself connecting it with endlessly tragic world events. At the same time, it is elusive, mysterious. The previous piece also, eloquent and powerful. You’re really are on a roll.

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    1. Thanks Steve. Glad this one resonated with you. It was inspired by a great line from a Hamish Hawk song. I will try post a link to it if possible. In Northern Scotland English incomers are often referred to disdainfully as ‘white settlers’. So sad that we humans are pointlessly divided even in the same country. Hope you are keeping well.

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