Plot and Bash

Tackle it when thrust through the window.
Look difficult when leaving the control area,
keeping right. Drive gentle up the road.
There may be more than you.
It will contain the time and distance you.
Get to the first junction as somebody else
and set off again. Beware of blindly following.
He may know where he is going or he may not.
Keep trying to make the fit and keep an eye on.
You may end up lost off route, being baffled
on route! Alternative. Pull up, obstruct and try
the hand better than clutter. With practise
you will plot the move keeping at least two.
If you are baffled it may be your opinion
-miracles do happen and he may see. Do it
or provide the clue. As a last resort guess.
Don’t stumble on a code. Use a magnifier.
Don’t discard handouts, keep them safe.
Engineer the maps in alphabetical
to easily locate you in the night.


Note:- Plot and Bash is a navigation technique used within British Road Rallies during the 1980s.


Image by the author

2 thoughts on “Plot and Bash

  1. A wonderful enigmatic instruction, Nikita, with a matching image. Being baffled is definitely my norm. How much understanding is necessary? There are those with maps who think they know, and I suppose sometimes they do.

    Long ago, before GPS, I had my very young family in the car, and although I had a map, I got lost on narrow dirt roads in the outback heat. I still remember it because it was quite frightening. Eventually we came to a recognisable intersection with a sign (no thanks to me).

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    1. Thanks Steve. Yes, there is a horrible panic that sets in when you are lost in a maze of unrecognisable country roads. I navigated on road rallies back in the 80s and I’ll never forget the weird feeling of dislocation, the dream like state of driving for many hours within a tunnel of light from the car’s spot lamps but surrounded by a vast unknowable darkness….

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