The A to Z of the Apocalypse

Atrocity is a wall of thorns artless
Bluebottles smashing against glass fall
Comatose to my window ledge making
Death their next great adventure
Escape to shit scented nirvanas
Filled with lost winged kin and divine
Garbage heaps piss-fountains free from
Human malevolence effervescent
Incandescence and decay so promising
Knowledge is an act of sabotage not
Limitless power but a weapon
Mother warned me about the elitist
Noah and his treachery for not
One soul is more holy than another
Paradise is an orange wasteland where
Quicksand and alligators devour
Revolutionaries with their fiery
Socks and fondness for the insignificant
Turtle neck sweaters may be aesthetically
Unpleasing but they conceal the frogs in
Virtuous throats destined to cause alarm on
Wet Wednesdays when there are no boats
Xpected but gin is being served at Erith
Yacht club as waves lap and lightening
Zaps the three wise monkeys at the door.


Photo by the author

10 thoughts on “The A to Z of the Apocalypse

  1. So many brilliant and acerbic lines here, Nikita, and I wish it wasn’t true. What concerns me the most you’ve expressed perfectly: Knowledge … not … power but a weapon, although it could save us, and the revolutionaries with their unimportant obsessions. And a stunning apocalyptic photograph.

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  2. Thank you Steve. Yes I also wish it wasn’t true. There’s a strange sense of unreality these days every time I switch on the News Channel. The photograph was taken just down the road from my home. Northern Scotland has a bleak other worldly landscape.


  3. You skipped “J” Nikita! Is that a “Freudian slip?” I appreciate “random word generation.” I must remember to use that in one of my Magic Modernization Project spells. Now it makes me wonder, can a whole lot of words, which don’t really make sense line by line, make complete, if cryptic, sense as a whole? It is my belief that writing succeeds when it stimulates novel thinking. Writing (or any artistic form) that incites terror, or sexual excitement, or any emotion whatsoever succeeds in the same manner. If writing is just done for its own sake it is disposable. If it is done to promote some product or belief or ideology, it becomes merely a blunt instrument. Writing with the goal of demonstrating virtuosity is egotistical.

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    1. Well spotted!!!! 😎I can’t believe I missed out ‘j’ and never noticed for all this time and until now no one else noticed either! You must be a very observant person. Thanks for pointing it out as I can now put it right, Not sure if this was a Freudian slip as I don’t think I have any issues with ‘J’..??? I like experimenting with stream of consciousness/ random poetry, cut-up techniques and erasure poems often seem to reveal strange truths. William Burroughs who invented cut-up poems thought they could predict the future. He once said- “if you cut into the present, the future leaks out”.


      1. Wonderful! Burroughs and Beat-Nikita. I do not know why I have such affinity for that guy, I watched naked lunch three times and he acted in Drug Store Cowboy I think? Also “J” for “Jesus?” (Just Joking!)

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