The Tower

there are no birds
only the wind
and the howl of wolves
beyond the silence
we are alone

there are no clouds
only the wind
confusion spins
the crag of Lady Hill
we are alone

there is no sun
only the wind burns
the air is thin
within these walls
we are alone

we build brick upon brick
and watch the flickering walls
waiting for the storm
the Tower stands alone
in this Border land
we dance upon the battlements and hope


Image created by the author

4 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. Really like your poem, I also get the feeling of aloneness in the Highland winter
    “Bolt and bar the shutter,
    For the foul winds blow:
    Our minds are at their best this night,
    And I seem to know
    That everything outside us is
    Mad as the mist and snow”
    WB Yeats

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