The Honeypot

The Avon lady lived at Number 5.
She wore black stockings and a loose beehive.
On Saturday evenings she energised
weaving down the street, wiggling her behind.

Laced up in my blue book-strewn room I heard
her singing Elvis songs and swigging beer
straight from the bottle, unladylike cheer.
Her lipstick crimson, her complexion clear.

At midnight stilettos tapped a morse code
for I’m alive and in love, don’t you know?
as she zig-zagged home, teddy boy in tow
rousing me from nightmares of frogs and toads.

I watched the lovers from my curtained screen
as they kissed and smooched by the apple trees
and I wondered why she was on her knees
while he softly moaned, begging please, please, please.

The Avon lady buzzed up at our door
each month with her sample box, treats galore;
Here’s my Heart, Persian Wood, Wishing, Rapture,
To a Wild Rose – desire choked our parlour.

Mam always chose Lily of the Valley,
innocent and not for whores, she proclaimed
eyeing me down in my navy school plains
as I sniffed each little bottle and prayed.

Avon lady thought me a Topaz girl.
Her warm scented touch on my wrist burned
like the bee stings of her loosening curls
so my honeycomb heart melted and yearned.


Image created by the author

8 thoughts on “The Honeypot

  1. I really like it, original and colourful use of language I like the line “rousing me from nightmares of frogs and toads” and all the references to bees.. .

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  2. A witty and colourful piece, Nikita, enjoyed it very much. It reminds me of all the layers of desires, what we say, what we think, ourselves and others, what lies underneath. We have grand reveals, but I admit I wonder, is there truth? I still have the desire to be a drone, to fit in like I was supposed to. Great artwork, love the design and shapes.

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  3. Hi Steve, so pleased you enjoyed this one. Bees are fascinating. They could teach humans a thing or too about self sacrifice and social cohesion but certainly no room for individuality. Although, who knows what each insect is actually thinking and feeling….We tend to underestimate the emotional capabilities of other species. I have never fitted in and sometimes wish I did but getting older I’ve understood I was born to be an outsider. That’s uncomfortable at times but wouldn’t want it any other way. 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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