Something Fishy

I was looking through some old notebooks today and came across this short story I wrote about twenty five years ago and had forgotten about. A simple tale of revenge written not long after my coincidence!

The suitcase waited by the front door while Morven took one last look around the house. The bedroom had an abandoned air; the usual bric-a-brac missing from the dressing table and only her sequinned party frock hanging in the wardrobe. For a moment she paused at the foot of the double bed and memories both happy and sad raced through her mind.

When first married they spent entire weekends cocooned in this room, oblivious of the world outside. The passion and laughter of early times had soon faded into the silence of lonely nights when the bed felt like an expanse of lifeless desert. As she left the room Morven gave the duvet a final pat, smoothing out an imaginary wrinkle in the cover.

The lounge was polished, tidy and still. The gleaming fish tanks lining one wall were empty of the bright colours and flickers of usual inhabitants. Only silver bubbles gurgled through the water and reminded Morven of the way the fish pie was simmering in the oven. She laughed when she noticed Neil’s favourite collection of books:- The Secrets of a Healthy Aquarium, How to Look After Your Angel Fish, Discovering Shubunkins and The A to Z of Water Plants.

She gathered them up into a large casserole dish, added half a pint of milk, salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice and placed it on the bottom shelf of the oven where the fish pie was doing nicely. Pulling on her coat, Morven checked the note on the hall table.

Dinner is in the oven. Just popped out for a new life.

She didn’t bother to lock the door and walked down the driveway without looking back.

photo by the author

5 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. Yes, it’s a tasty read, Nikita. I’m not sure I agree with “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” (Hemingway), but I can say that all the stuff I wrote and put away only finally made sense when I started doing psych sessions.

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    1. Yes it’s strange how we often don’t see connections and clues in our writing until after some time has passed and then it’s just so obvious. It was hard for me to post this little story without totally re-writing but perhaps it has a certain naive charm.

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      1. I agree. I think that there is quite a lot going on apart from the immediate story, in this piece and your following post. We make choices instinctively, the subconscious come into play, and adds depth. I would even say that the reader can be affected subconsciously, ie, subtle communication that bypasses the conscious mind. Spooky.

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