The Forest of Smiles

My day begins pixelated.
Needle sharp shards of light
refract like monsoon rain
in tropical forest, bending
breaking leaves out of shape
with the violence of descent.
Little red icons beckon.
Visions of perfection
macerate the eye
beyond screens of polish.
Hey, look at me! Me!
Picnics, reunions of red
lipstick with star spangled
skirts, blossom trees, blooming
babies, birthday balloons, home
-baking, sunsets and fragile
creatures perched on the edge
of a black canyon. So smiley.
So breakable. So sad your dog,
granny or dahlias passed away.
So happy you are happy or not.
Who loves ya, baby? Not enough
likes today? Do you exist today?
Click refresh or exit.

Image by the author

4 thoughts on “The Forest of Smiles

  1. From microcosm to macrocosm, a sharp and sorry picture of the world, Nikita, which I can relate to as I play with social media. Sincerity, depth, we had it long ago, actual interaction. I suppose it’s partly the technological change, where online robots rule. And then isolated kids buy their weapons and away they go.

    The giga-companies running the show don’t want it to stop. To lighten the mood, a Facebook robot banned one of my accounts for violating community standards. I assume it’s the skeletal figures, revelation of the inner self interpreted by software as literal nudity. 🙀 You might ask what standards fb actually has, anyway, I’ve appealed. 😸

    An enjoyable read as always.

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  2. Thanks for your comments Steve. I think many of us are frustrated with social media. It’s sad that people go onto these platforms looking for meaningful connections but rarely find them. FB removed one of my posts because I said that wearing a mask can be difficult for people with certain disabilities so we needed to be understanding. FB interpreted this comment as discriminatory!! It’s a mad world that’s for sure. Hope you win your appeal. ☝️😊

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    1. Thanks. Don’t know whether I mentioned, but I really don’t like FB at all. Like all the giga-companies, it’s about profit, and they’re fully automated, agnostic to ethics and morality until they get caught. Also very intrusive in their efforts to empty your wallet, and related to that, far from user-friendly and intuitive. Now I feel better, hahaha.

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