Prepare for Other Worlds

The second issue of The Haar creative arts e-zine is coming soon on this blog featuring an exclusive interview with screenwriter Martyn Hesford, new work from George Gunn, Tom Murray, Mandy Beattie, Chrissie Morris Brady, Georgia Brooker and many talented others. Also innovative art from Brian Ord, Geoff Weston and Karen Strang….plus a chance to win a poetry book plus much, much more. Watch this space and don’t miss your chance to explore Other Worlds at The Haar.

Image by the author

Please help The Haar survive and thrive by making a donation towards the set-up costs of a new, juicier website and also towards regular running costs. The Haar is an entirely voluntary project with no access to external funding. Anything you feel able to contribute will be used wisely to maintain a free platform for creatives to share their work. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTS.

Thank you! 

Nikita Shackleton

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2 thoughts on “Prepare for Other Worlds

    1. Thanks Steve. I was pleased to get a good photo in the mist just at the bottom of my garden. Yes The Haar is going great with many exciting submissions but also very time consuming. I am shamefully behind with my WordPress reading and looking forward to catching up. 😊

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