Old But Not Past It

I was whisking up eggs, sugar and cottage cheese last night to make Syrniki (a type of Ukrainian cheesy pancake) and suddenly realised the rotary whisk I was using must be nearly as old as myself. It is still going strong (unlike myself 🤣) I remember growing up in the sixties and watching my mother whip up sponge cakes using that same whisk as I waited eagerly to lick out the bowl. Ooh yummy! When I married at the age of eighteen my mother gave me that whisk along with a load of other domestic paraphernalia, a sort of perfect housewife starter kit. Obviously didn’t work as I divorced seven years later!

What vintage objects have you got in your kitchen that you still use regularly? Rotary whisks are no longer in fashion as most people have electric blenders and food mixers now. I’ve always been averse to gadgets. You spend more time cleaning them than the time you save. I like the tactile quality of a wooden spoon and the physicality of cooking. My other vintage kitchen item is a cook book from 1980 which arrived with my new oven. It contains recipes for 80s favourites such as Chicken Maryland, Cheese Soufflé and Creme Brûlée. I still refer to it often. So…what antiquities do you have lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboards?

5 thoughts on “Old But Not Past It

  1. My mum didn’t have a lot of gadgets either. I can remember her beating eggs with a fork and all her baking was perfect. I avoid cooking, so I don’t need appliances which, as you say, are more trouble. I do have my dad’s ancient stapler and a chisel which is at least as old as me. In all the miles my dad covered, it’s amazing those things did not get lost. Also have his reverse magnifying glass…to make big paintings smaller without having to walk away. No doubt it has a name. It too is ancient. I love old stuff.

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    1. That’s interesting about the reverse magnifying glass….never heard of such a thing. What did your dad do? Was he a crafts person of some sort? I hope those objects carry good memories for you when you handle them.

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