Turn Off the Lights

She longs for the refuge of dark interiors.
The Tiffany lamps and plush burgundy
of city bars, torn between Aqua Velva
and a Dirty Martini. In the gloom, eyes
gleam and lies bloom unseen on dry lips.
Dimly lit, anyone will be someone.

She dreams of peering through the gap
in the chintz curtains as his family coils,
roils in the blue flicker of a widescreen.
He sips tea from a cracked mug, The Best
Dad in the World embossed in faded gold.
Dimly lit, anyone will be someone.

She imagines the marine glow of their bed
-room, matching furniture and fluffy robes.
The green drapes smother the rumble
of traffic on Harbour Road. Newborn
light pales his face when he smiles.
Dimly lit, anyone will be someone.

She craves the murk of musty hotel rooms.
A silk scarf cast over a single lamp, sheets
and limbs tangled, the acrid taste of him
on her lips. His sleeping foot dangles,
sock still on and she sees a hole in the sole.
Dimly lit, anyone will be someone.

She recalls the tobacco heat of his BMW,
leather beneath her thighs. The dashboard
flickers like broken glass. Fireflies swirl
in the beam of headlights. Morse code.
His face turns away when he speaks.
Dimly lit, anyone will be someone.

She longs for dark interiors, not this naked
white room. Fluorescent light beats down
and she shrivels under their weight like a moth
who finally made it to the moon. She’s waiting.
She’s been here so long, she forgets why.
Brightly lit, someone will become no one.

Image by the author

4 thoughts on “Turn Off the Lights

  1. Astoundingly good, Nikita. 🧡 The repetition and final variation works well. As always, powerful imagery, all the senses really. It’s darkly atmospheric even when the light appears, and the contrast in the gorgeous image suits perfectly.

    While I’ve been slowing down with WordPress, you’ve been posting more. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Steve, glad you enjoyed this one. It was triggered by a TV drama. Strange the things that can inspire us! I’ve not been writing much poetry recently so my posts are a mixed bag. I’m also hideously behind with my reading on WordPress and have a lot to catch up with. Hope all’s well with you. 😻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m good enough, Nikita, the usual mood swings. Inspiration is where you can find it. I haven’t noticed any alien spacecraft around lately so that’s a problem for me. I haven’t been writing much poetry either. I have been doing instagram, you know, cats 😸, but I only post old poetry, BTW, thanks for commenting on my post. I replied but it’s under Paul’s comment so you might not get a notification.🧡

        Liked by 1 person

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