Doodle #6

Here’s another one of my hospital drawings, watercolour pencil and marker pen on paper. I don’t have a title for this one yet. I think it has a fairytale quality. Apples are powerful symbols both in Christianity and in myths. Feedback very welcome 🙏

Image by the author

4 thoughts on “Doodle #6

    1. Thanks for your interesting feedback. It’s strange what comes up in these intuitive drawings. After finishing this one I recalled a vivid face to face encounter with a fox while I was walking along an overgrown old railway track. We were both equally surprised and stood looking at each other for a long minute before he vanished.


  1. I’ve had that happen too. I always freeze and avoid eye contact because I think it’s interpreted as threatening? Not sure about that. Sometimes I’ll see a photograph I need to take and rush out the door only to spot a doe on the grass. Usually then I say “Oh sorry” and run back inside which of course never stops the poor thing from fleeing!

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