The Day She Dropped

the trifle, it exploded on blue tiles pain
-ting cryptic signs churned in chaos.
Raspberries, cream, vanilla custard, glace cherries, perfect
sponge, (home-made of course) secrets
hinted by hundreds and thousands
no-one would ever understand. The cold
glister of broken crystal, the old bowl her ex
brought back from Paris at his own risk.
She wanted to laugh until she saw
his face at the head of the table, the half
-empty bottle of Smirnoff, his plate strewn with left-over
Christmas, the scrunched up paper napkin, handy for blood
spilled when she tried to pick up the pieces.


Original photographic image created by the author

Note:- Divorce lawyers claim January is usually their busiest time of year.

White Christmas

The old tramp was almost charming in the snow
leaning on the bins behind Click and Let’s Go.

Last minute shoppers admired her elegant pose,
face upturned to the stars like a Millais portrait;

the frosted lashes, the blue tint to her complexion,
the frozen teardrop on her cheek. A coating of ice

like cling film on a cut-price turkey, smoothed
the bitter lines around her eyes, glistening

in Sue’s headlights. Look, a white lady! she cried
as she snapped a cool shot for Twitter.


Note:-  According to the homeless charity Crisis, more than 9,000 people will be sleeping rough over Christmas in the UK this year.  The numbers are expected to rise by a further 47% in the next decade.


Original photograph created by the author


Intersection, Inverness

Alone, I wait for the green
light at a T junction. In my rear view

mirror, mother and daughter, blonde curls, matching
smiles, laughing, chatting, trading

glances, milky eyed reflections of one
another, safe as air bubbles in fused

glass; on their way home from Asda or ballet or violin
class or fish and chips with grandma after swimming

or Maeve’s birthday party and the promise of girl
guiding. The lights change, I turn

away from the crimson
city, away from the sighs of cherry blossom

in the ranked rows of trees on the riverside
as petals freeze to pink ice in the chill.


Original photograph by the author