Cloud Cuckoo Land

Hospital doodle number 7. There are a family of seagulls nesting on the rooftop outside my window; Sam, Silver who has a limp and Claude who is still a youngster. They peer through my window begging for scraps. Pigeons and wagtails also congregate. Watching birds all day long, I’m hoping I may grow wings too and escape. 😂 In my crazier moments I wonder if they are the reincarnated souls of patients who have died in this room…if the window opened wider they would definitely come in!

Image by the author

I’m Back – Sort Of!

I’ve had a very long absence from WordPress ever since I was admitted to hospital with complications due to long Covid. Ten weeks on and I’m still incarcerated. I have no poems in me at the moment but have been producing a daily doodle. These started out as a bit of art therapy- just a quick sketch while propped up in my bed. But they seem to have evolved into something more.
I have decided to share them in the hope some of you may find them interesting. Comments and feedback very welcome!

The Magician