25 images from Series 1 of my hospital doodles have been sent to England where they will be exhibited at Newcastle College. The show is called ‘A Thing With Feathers’ – a quote from Emily Dickinson’s poem about Hope. A proportion of the sales will be donated to a Ukrainian refugee charity. In the meantime here’s my first doodle for Series 2 – I’m still in hospital! This drawing was influenced by the anatomical figures used by doctors for diagnostic purposes.

The Net

I’ve had great news – an offer of an exhibition of my hospital doodles in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It feels surreal to have my artwork displayed while I am still incarcerated in hospital. There is Covid on my ward now and we are in lockdown so my discharge date is ever receding. I am reminded of a story about Frida Kahlo who attended her own exhibition in her hospital bed. She was brought to the gallery by an ambulance and held court from her bed. I doubt the British health service would be quite so helpful! In the meantime here’s another one of my doodles, The Net.

Image by the author

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Hospital doodle number 7. There are a family of seagulls nesting on the rooftop outside my window; Sam, Silver who has a limp and Claude who is still a youngster. They peer through my window begging for scraps. Pigeons and wagtails also congregate. Watching birds all day long, I’m hoping I may grow wings too and escape. 😂 In my crazier moments I wonder if they are the reincarnated souls of patients who have died in this room…if the window opened wider they would definitely come in!

Image by the author