25 images from Series 1 of my hospital doodles have been sent to England where they will be exhibited at Newcastle College. The show is called ‘A Thing With Feathers’ – a quote from Emily Dickinson’s poem about Hope. A proportion of the sales will be donated to a Ukrainian refugee charity. In the meantime here’s my first doodle for Series 2 – I’m still in hospital! This drawing was influenced by the anatomical figures used by doctors for diagnostic purposes.

Snake Sunday

When I was a young girl I had a terror of snakes. After watching a movie about a snake venom farm this evolved into fascination. I had a beautiful silver snake bracelet that I thought brought me luck. Snakes are symbols of power, knowledge, healing and transformation in Christianity and myth. They shed their skins and grow new ones. Their venom is used in medicine. So here are two drawings featuring a snake.

Image by the author

Image by the author

Flower Power

Like many others stuck at home since the start of the Covid Pandemic I have taken comfort from my garden. There’s a special healing energy in the natural world which we all need at the moment. Just a few minutes outdoors can reset my mood. Today was a particularly grim British October day with non-stop rain and dark overcast skies. So it was lovely to look through some of my flower photos to remind myself how beautiful life can be. Here’s my favourite one of a white hydrangea like a cascade of starlight.

Photo by the author