Spine Tingler

From screenplay to poem-play….


Photo by the author


The third man, blood

simple American beauty.

Get Carter, the exorcist out

of sight; twenty four seven diner,

north by north-west Alphaville.



4 thoughts on “Spine Tingler

  1. Haha, love your found poetry, well done, and the photo. 💙 I’ve been to Alphaville (Alfaville actually), and I used it as material for a fantasy piece I wrote. I learned a valuable lesson: you have to be careful with reality, editors can find it unbelievable.😄

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    1. Glad the poem worked for you. I’m never too sure about found poetry. Always feels like cheating! I thought Alphaville was a fictional place but after your comments I Googled and found an Alfaville in Algiers. Is that the place you visited? The Facebook page of Things to do in Alfaville Is totally blank! 😸

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      1. It did work, and I don’t see it as cheating at all, you know, unless you found it whole in a poetry book. 😄 I was puzzled about Algiers since I’ve never been there. Then I realized that, like a fool, I gave you the Portuguese spelling, whereas in fact, in Brazil, it’s spelt with a “ph” (sorry). In any case, in reality, it’s just a boring suburb, and you would only stop there if you were on your way to somewhere else.

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